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Mian Amer Mahmood

I believe the masses of Pakistan should augment their dignity and pride by empowering themselves with knowledge and skills. Although the state is primarily responsible to exterminate illiteracy and consequently, poverty, these uphill tasks cannot be achieved without practical contributions from all stakeholders of our society. To enable the underprivileged reaching and utilizing their maximum potential, education at all levels and cross-sections of the Country is imperative. Education combats unemployment, provides sound foundation of social equity and feasts awareness and tolerance.

I believe it is today we must create the world of the future, by focusing on a few big goals and working with our NGO partners, we can support every individual get the chance to live a productive and healthy life.


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  • Through the collaborative efforts of Dunya and Akhuwat Foundation we have successfully engaged the under developed community of Kasur and helped them increase their productivity manifolds. The program includes training courses for farmers to equip them with modern day farming skills as well as interest free loans to buy the necessary equipment.

    Dr. Amjad Saqib
    Chairman Akhuwat
  • Dunya Foundation is an organization that understands and cherishes the value of a high quality education. Their work has continuously had a positive impact on our nation. Dunya Foundation shares CARE’s vision to give Pakistan’s children the education they deserve. They have also given CARE generous contributions that are helping numerous students pursue a higher education.

    Seema Aziz
    Founder & Managing Director of CARE Foundation Pakistan
  • I congratulate Dunya Foundation on taking up the monumental task of improving female health care in the improvised areas of Pakistan such as Kasur. It is no small feat but through the unwavering support of Dunya Foundation we have effectively provided free medical treatment to countless female patients. Through their help we continue to organize a free medical camp at Kasur every week.

    Dr. Yasmeen Rashid
    Chair Person Central Park Teaching Hospital
  • Dunya foundation has assisted and helped Milestone Society make meaningful change in the lives of our members. By helping to rehabilitate people with physical disabilities it has not only changed the lives of those individuals but also their friends and family. It has helped ensure a happier brighter future for many.

    Shafeeq ur Rehman
    President Pakistan Milestone Society
  • Working with Dunya Foundation has been an absolute delight for us. We are proud to be associated with an organization that firmly believes and works towards equality by actively participating and contributing to help the less fortunate. They have provided us with their invaluable support in our mission to provide a safe haven with free education and living for orphaned children.

    Fahad Paracha
    Chairman Pakistan Sweet Homes Kahuta