Dunya Foundation Technical Training Center: Empowering Futures

Dunya Foundation addresses the persistent challenge of unemployment in rural Pakistan through the impactful Dunya Foundation Technical Training Center (DFTTC). Established in 2019 in rural Kasur, this initiative targets the root cause of the issue – the shortage of skilled workers.

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Covering an extensive area of 108,900 square feet, DFTTC offers comprehensive technical training in fields such as AutoCAD, Bio-floc, Heavy Machinery Operators, Electrical Works, and Plumbing. What distinguishes DFTTC is its hands-on, practical approach to learning. At DFTTC, students don’t just receive theoretical knowledge; they actively engage in practical applications, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subjects.

Affiliated with the Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) and the Pakistan Skill Development Authority (PSDA), DFTTC ensures that students acquire internationally recognized qualifications. The center is committed to delivering the highest standard of education, with skilled instructors employing the latest teaching methodologies and state-of-the-art equipment to impart practical skills and knowledge.

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4 Vocational & Technical Training Programs

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108,960 sq. ft. Covered Area

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Affiliated with PBTE & PSDA

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Hands-on Practical Approach

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Financial Accessibility

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Positive Impact on Rural Lives

In recognition of the financial barriers that may hinder access to quality education, Dunya Foundation prioritizes affordability. DFTTC offers training programs at accessible rates and provides scholarships to deserving students. This commitment positively impacts the lives of countless individuals and families in rural areas, empowering them with the essential tools and skills needed for a brighter and more secure future.