Our Story

Dunya Foundation has a rich history of 35 years, starting in 1985 as the Islamic Commerce Educational Society (ICES). It was established to improve the access to quality education in Pakistan. As the organization expanded, it extended its efforts beyond education, working to provide free or subsidized healthcare, alleviate poverty, and foster community development.

In 1999, the organization was renamed SOLACE and later, in 2012, to Dunya Foundation to better reflect its broadened objectives. Today, we partner with various NGOs to empower underprivileged individuals and communities, make healthcare accessible and affordable, and bring about sustainable change through education, research, and development.

Dunya Foundation is dedicated to providing education, support, and opportunities for self-development to underprivileged sectors of society in Pakistan. Our mission is to restore the dignity and respect of disadvantaged individuals by offering free education, skills training, and resources for economic stability.

We believe that every child deserves the chance to pursue their dreams, and every parent deserves the opportunity to provide a better life for their family, regardless of their circumstances. Through our programs and initiatives focused on aid, education, and skill development, we aim to empower those in need, enabling them to achieve financial stability, an improved standard of living, and an increased sense of self-worth in society. Our ultimate goal is to create a more equitable and just society where all individuals have the opportunity to thrive and succeed.


At Dunya Foundation, we aim to serve the underprivileged areas in Pakistan and empower disadvantaged individuals via aid, education, and skill development to enable them to attain financial stability, an improved standard of living, and an increased sense of self-worth in society.


We believe it is unfair for honest men and women to be victims of the circumstances into which they are born. Our mission is to educate, support, and provide the opportunities and resources to those who are in need of them, thereby contributing to a better tomorrow for these people and for Pakistan as a nation.

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Establishment of the Islamic Commerce Educational Society, laying the foundation for educational endeavors.


Established Punjab Madrasa and Al-Hamd Model Elementary School to address educational needs.


Rebranded as SOLACE, marking a significant evolution in the organization’s identity and mission, expanding into community development initiatives to address the holistic needs of the served communities.


Punjab Madrasa evolved and expanded, renamed as Punjab School.

  • Collaborated with Care Foundation, contributing to Pakistan’s educational advancement.
  • Collaboration with Akhuwat Foundation, uniting forces to drive positive social change.

Collaborated with Rising Sun Education and Welfare Society, providing comprehensive support, including education and therapy to children with intellectual impairment.

  • Transformed into Dunya Foundation, signifying a renewed commitment to community development.
  • Collaborated with Milestone Society, fostering synergistic efforts towards shared objectives.



Collaborated with Cardiac Associates, enhancing access to cardiac care, promoting cardiovascular health, and assisting in free cardiac surgeries.

  • Initiated Kasur Mawakhat Program to uplift marginalized communities.
  • Renamed Punjab School to Allied School Hardo Muhammad Kay and Al-Hamd Elementary School to Allied School Al-Hamd Campus.
  • Established Dunya Foundation Medical Camp with Central Park Teaching Hospital to meet healthcare needs.

Collaborated with Jahandad Society for Community Development, strengthening efforts to uplift marginalized communities.


Certified by the Pakistan Center of Philanthropy, affirming Dunya Foundation’s adherence to best practices and ethical standards.


Overtook the operations of Model Town Hospital, expanding healthcare outreach and services.


Established Dunya Foundation Technical Training Center to address the issue of poverty through skills development.

  • Acquired Ideal Muslim School, expanding educational outreach.
  • Teamed up with Qurban Kidney and Dialysis Center for dialysis and transplants.
  • Launched Kallar Kahar Livelihoods Project for economic prosperity.
  • Collaborated with Cancer Care Hospital for crucial cancer diagnosis and treatment

Presented impactful work to the President of Pakistan, as a delegation from The Women Business Network, celebrating progress in advancing women’s empowerment, particularly in rural landscapes.


Honored with the Award for Women Economic Empowerment for dedication to empowering women and supporting their journey to financial independence.

Throughout its journey, Dunya Foundation has evolved and forged strategic alliances, contributing to its growth and impact in the realm of education, empowerment and community development.