As a pioneering non-profit organization committed to transforming lives in Pakistan, we focus on education, empowerment, and community development initiatives. Our impactful projects include schools, a Technical Training Center, a weekly Medical Camp, and transformative Community Development Initiatives.

At Dunya Foundation, our unwavering dedication and comprehensive approach aim to break the cycle of poverty, creating lasting positive change. Discover how we empower individuals and foster thriving communities across Pakistan through our diverse and impactful projects.

Allied School Hardo Muhammad Kay Kasur

Established in 1998 as Punjab Madrasa Hardo Muhammad Kay, our educational journey began as a humble initiative in rural Kasur. Recognizing the pivotal role of education in shaping futures, our institution evolved and expanded over the years, eventually transforming into the formidable Punjab School in 2007 …

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Allied School Al-Hamd Campus Sargodha

Founded in 1998 by the visionary Mian Haji Zahoor, Ex-Chairman of Dunya Foundation, Al-Hamd Model Elementary School in rural Sargodha aimed to provide free education to deserving students. In 2014, the school transformed and was renamed Allied School Al-Hamd Campus. Presently, it operates as a primary …

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Ideal Muslim School

Dunya Foundation believes education is the key to unlocking opportunities and creating a brighter future. In 2021, Dunya Foundation took over the operations of Ideal Muslim School. It developed a comprehensive School Improvement Plan to identify the critical areas of improvement required to provide a better …

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Dunya Foundation Technical Training Center

Dunya Foundation addresses the persistent challenge of unemployment in rural Pakistan through the impactful Dunya Foundation Technical Training Center (DFTTC). Established in 2019 in rural Kasur, this initiative targets the root cause of the issue – the shortage of skilled workers.
Covering an extensive area of 108,900 …

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Dunya Foundation Medical Camp

Dunya Foundation recognizes the importance of adequate medical facilities, particularly in rural areas where access to healthcare is often limited. To address this issue, Dunya Foundation has established a free medical camp in collaboration with the Central Park Teaching Hospital (CPTH) in Kasur. Every week, this …

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Kasur Mawakhat Program

Kasur Mawakhat Program (KMP) is a transformative initiative by Dunya Foundation in collaboration with Akhuwat Foundation, dedicated to uplifting rural communities and fostering sustainable change. Launched in 2014 in Dhala Kalan, Kasur, KMP spans ten villages, touching the lives of approximately 3,600 households. Our holistic approach …

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Kallar Kahar Livelihoods Project

The Kallar Kahar Livelihoods Project, a joint effort between Akhuwat Foundation and Dunya Foundation, initiated in 2021. This project aimed to uplift the livelihoods of individuals residing in Kallar Kahar. Embracing the principles of interest-free microfinance, the project was dedicated to empowering economic prospects and promoting …

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