Allied School Al-Hamd Campus Sargodha: Empowering Minds, Transforming Futures

Founded in 1998 by the visionary Mian Haji Zahoor, Ex-Chairman of Dunya Foundation, Al-Hamd Model Elementary School in rural Sargodha aimed to provide free education to deserving students. In 2014, the school transformed and was renamed Allied School Al-Hamd Campus. Presently, it operates as a primary school, reflecting its commitment to providing accessible and quality education. At the heart of Dunya Foundation’s philosophy is the belief that education is a fundamental right and should be accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background.

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Currently serving over 230 students, our primary school is staffed by 12 dedicated educators committed to providing a holistic educational experience. The curriculum ensures engagement, interaction, and a student-centered approach, keeping students motivated and enthusiastic about learning. The school environment is characterized by inclusivity and nurturance, aiming to instill a love for learning and cultivate responsible, productive members of society. The campus encompasses 11 well-equipped classrooms, a computer laboratory, a library, a spacious playground, and additional rooms for staff use, providing a conducive space for holistic development.

The journey of Allied School Al-Hamd Campus Sargodha exemplifies Dunya Foundation’s commitment to empowering minds and transforming futures through accessible, high-quality education.

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230 Current Student Enrollment

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12 Dedicated Educators

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Inclusive Campus Facilities

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Education Excellence