Message From The Secretary Of The Board

I am honored to convey our shared commitment to transformative initiatives that unlock the latent potential within the underprivileged masses of Pakistan. Education and skill development are not just endeavors; they are the key to empowering individuals and fostering a more inclusive and harmonious society.

While the government addresses issues like illiteracy and poverty, our unwavering dedication focuses on granting access to education across all levels and regions. We believe that this commitment is pivotal in enabling individuals to reach their utmost capabilities. Beyond addressing unemployment, education becomes a catalyst for promoting social equity, awareness, and tolerance.

Our partnerships with organizations throughout Pakistan reflect our dedication to tackling the country’s most significant challenges, including the lack of primary education, poverty, and poor health. These core issues, in our view, are the primary obstacles preventing individuals from realizing their full potential.

Our mission at Dunya Foundation is clear – to empower disadvantaged individuals and communities, enabling them to lead productive and healthy lives.

Sohail Afzal

Secretary of the Board