Empowering Rural Communities Through Technical Training

Recent statistics reveal a significant challenge facing Pakistan: unemployment rates continue to pose a considerable hurdle to the country’s progress. As per the latest data released by the State Bank of Pakistan, the unemployment rate in the country stands at approximately 4.2%.

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Unemployment is incredibly daunting in rural regions, where economic opportunities and skill-based employment prospects are notably limited. This lack of employment avenues significantly impacts the livelihoods of those residing in these underserved areas.

To address this critical need and alleviate unemployment challenges in rural Pakistan, Dunya Foundation established the Dunya Foundation Technical Training Center (DFTTC) in rural Kasur in 2019 with a covered area of 108,900 square feet of land.

The need for institutions like DFTTC is not just a response to the statistical data on unemployment. Rather, it is a response to the larger issue of creating sustainable solutions to equip individuals with skills that match market demands. The establishment of DFTTC has aimed to bridge the existing gap between demand for skilled labor and the availability of the right skill set, particularly in rural areas where this disparity is most pronounced.

DFTTC has become a beacon of hope in these regions, offering various technical courses, including AutoCAD, Bio-floc, Heavy Machinery Operators, Electrical Works, and Plumbing. The programs offered by DFTTC are accredited by the Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) and the Pakistan Skill Development Authority (PSDA), ensuring students receive globally recognized qualifications that prepare them for promising employment opportunities.

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Through DFTTC, Dunya Foundation is not just tackling unemployment; it’s actively fostering a landscape where skills meet demand and opportunities are crafted to overcome unemployment challenges in rural Pakistan.