Bridging Healthcare Gaps: Dunya Foundation’s Free Medical Camp In Rural Kasur

Healthcare accessibility is a vital factor in determining the overall well-being of any nation. In Pakistan, the healthcare sector, especially in rural areas, has witnessed a downward trajectory, leaving a substantial portion of the populace struggling to access basic medical facilities. Recent statistics reveal that around 90 million Pakistanis lack fundamental healthcare amenities, with the most severe impact observed in remote and underserved regions (UNDP). This disparity emphasizes a grim reality: a vast number of individuals are deprived of essential medical support due to economic limitations and geographical isolation.

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Amidst this healthcare crisis, Dunya Foundation, in partnership with Central Park Teaching Hospital, recognized the critical need for improved healthcare provisions in rural Kasur. Their joint initiative, a free medical camp launched in 2014, was aimed at addressing the urgent medical requirements of the underserved population. Initially serving over 2000 patients from 18 villages surrounding our project areas in rural Kasur, this initiative has since evolved to establish a weekly medical camp, providing free-of-cost check-ups, treatments, and medication to over 600 patients every week.

The foundation’s unwavering dedication to this cause is evident through its monthly contribution of more than PKR 2 million, ensuring the sustainability of the medical camp’s critical services. The camp, with a stringent verification process and organized queues for patients, prioritizes senior citizens and gynecology patients, thus ensuring efficient and effective healthcare delivery.

Dunya Foundation extends a bridge to advanced treatments or surgeries by referring patients to the Central Park Teaching Hospital, a facility with state-of-the-art resources, highly trained medical professionals, and the capability to provide tertiary care services to those in need.

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The foundation’s initiative has become an essential support system for thousands, offering basic medical services and acting as a pathway to specialized care. The endeavor, necessary in this challenging landscape, symbolizes a commitment to rectifying the healthcare disparity that plagues a significant portion of the Pakistani population.