Dunya Foundation works diligently with its Partner NGOs, each with its distinctive strengths and resources to deliver the best possible services to the underprivileged people of Pakistan. Our Partner NGOs support us with their expertise and access to networks. We adapt each partnership prudently to make sure the utmost mutual benefit, by making optimum use of our partners’ expertise and resources.

Akhuwat Foundation

6,961 Interest-Free Loans Given

Drawing on social justice and brotherhood principles, Akhuwat strives to alleviate poverty by creating a system based on mutual social support. To this end, Akhuwat has adopted microfinance as its operational strategy with the loans being offered in accordance with the doctrines of Qarz-e-Hassan. With the collaboration of Akhuwat, Dunya Foundation has distributed more than 5000 loans to people with PKR 10,000 average loan size. The vast majority of these loans are enterprise, liberation, housing, education, and marriage loans.

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Care Foundation


Care Foundation has been established as an educational institution with the aim to adopt public sector schools to improve the standard of education comprising 426 schools and 195,000 students. Dunya Foundation is pleased to be able to aid Care Foundation in its endeavour to educate Pakistan.

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Rising Sun Institute


The Rising Sun Institute is the largest in Pakistan providing education, speech and physiotherapy, hydro and sensory integration therapy, and vocational training, leading to rehabilitation in the community of more than 550 children with intellectual (cognitive) impairment cerebral palsy and autism, through its two campuses. Dunya Foundation is honoured to partner up with Rising Sun Institute and contribute to such a noble cause.

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Central Park Teaching Hospital

186 Patients Treated Every Year

Dunya Foundation along with Central Park Teaching Hospital took the initiative of a free medical camp. The Central Park Teaching Hospital is 160 bedded hospital, providing services in Gynae, Pediatrics, Surgery, Medicine, Eye, ENT, and with a fully functioning Department of Radiology, Pathology and Anesthesia. They also have a specialized team for Fistula disease and have successfully treated hundreds of victims of Fistula, which develops particularly in women in rural areas due to the lack of proper health facilities.

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Jahandad Society


Dunya Foundation is pleased to help Jahandad Society with its initiatives including food ration programs (serving 1170 people every year), education, and fistula (a post-pregnancy complication) treatment and strives to provide support consistently over time.

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Dunya Foundation is proud to partner with cardiac associates and to contribute substantially to such a noble cause. Cardiac associates is devoted to helping heart patients fight heart disease who cannot afford expensive heart surgeries. The treatment ranges from medical checkups, tests, and medicines to complex surgeries including Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgeries.

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Milestone Society

Dunya Foundation fosters special ties with Milestone Society that transcend monetary support for physical rehabilitation and training of individuals with physical disabilities.

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