Developing the Future


Kasur Muwakhat Program(KMP) is a project of Dunya Foundation which started in 2014, with the aim to reduce poverty, and capacity building of the people by providing free quality education, introducing new farming techniques, and interest free loans for farmers, providing free medical services and self-development trainings. KMP is currently operating in Dhala Kalan, Kasur, which consists of seven villages and a total estimated population of 2,861 households.

  • Social mobilization & social guidance
  • Organizing people in self-help groups
  • Providing free quality Education
  • Providing interest free loans for Agriculture, livestock and small business
  • Introducing latest farming methods
  • Improving Health, free medical camps
  • Agriculture and livestock trainings for increased output
  • Tree Plantation, Cleanliness & Sanitation awareness campaigns


Harvesting the Potential

The main function of KMP is to educate the farmers and help them through interest free loans to increase their productivity in a sustainable way, which we believe is the most effective approach to reduce poverty and hunger. When farmers are able to grow more crops it increases their income, which enables them to feed their families, provide for their family’s health, send their children to school and also invest more in their farms and livestock. This makes farmers economically stable and stronger.

Enabling farmers to produce more requires an all-inclusive approach that includes the use of proper disease resistant seeds, ground leveling, watering techniques, soil testing, using the right type of fertilizers and better access to markets.


Percentage Increase in Wheat Crop Production (2015)

Percentage Increase in Rice Crop Production (2015)


Helping People Live Healthy Lives

Pakistan is still struggling to provide basic health services especially to the people in rural areas. Child health is one of the most important issues in Pakistan that needs serious attention. One out of every 14 children die within the first year of birth in Pakistan. This grave situation calls for serious actions from the government and the private sector. KMP’s Health Camp is one such initiative to provide healthcare services to meet the immediate health care needs of the people of Dhala Kalan, Kasur.

Customized health camps are organized by Dr. Yasmeen Rashid and her team every week, offering curative and preventive healthcare to more than 900 people per week, most of which are women and children. The distinctiveness of the KMP’s healthcare model lies in its all-inclusive approach where health promotion and prevention are given equivalent importance while curative care is administered.


900+ Weekly Checkups

Free Medicines

Special Focus on
Women & Children's Health

Sanitation and Hygiene
Awareness Campaigns


KMP Success Stories

Riyasat Ali


Khalida Iqbal


Dr. Ayesha Ali

Medical Camp - KMP